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Covington Assisted Living

If you are looking to Find the Satisfactory Assisted Living in Covington, GA for yourself, a parent or another loved one? If you are, and you're not sure where to proceed from, You're Not Alone. With all the choices  available to today's maturing seniors you might not even be certain if assisted living is the even the correct option to explore for.

Covington Assisted Living Communities

Covington, GA has a wide assortment of assisted living communities that are both privately operated and are run by extremely large, multi-national businesses. There is something available for all senior lifestyle, whether it's a facility that caters to an mobile way of life, or one that specializes and is equipped to care for Memory care patients. All assisted living homes in Covington are needed to have at minimum, one director or administrator who is twenty one years or older be present at the home twenty four hours a day. 

During the day Covington, GA requires at least 1 home employee for every 15 residents and during the night that number decreases to 1 employee per 25. Every employees are required to be prepared in CPR, first-aid, and know protocol for emergency procedures.

Benton House of Covington
7155 Dearing Street
Covington, Georgia 30016

The objective at Benton House of Covington is to be the most accomodating senior living community in Covington for seniors wishing to keep their independence.
Anna P's Personal Care Home
25 Clarion Court
Covington, Georgia 30014

Anna P's Personal Care Home is an elegant senior community in the center of Covington where seniors can unwind and savor the simple pleasures.
Royal Cottage LLC
65 Stoney Point Terrace
Covington, Georgia 30014

Royal Cottage LLC rises above other senior living centers supplying Covington seniors top notch service and amenities.
Upper River Personal Care Home Inc
130 Upper River Road
Covington, Georgia 30014

A senior living facility offering full care and amenities in Covington, Georgia, Upper River Personal Care Home Inc provides multiple options for senior living.